Friday, June 8, 2012

News: FedEx Freight to Increase Shipping Rates

A press release from FedEx Freight was just out today, announcing that they are going to increase their shipping rates by 6.9% effective tomorrow, July 9, 2012. Read more here.

multi-depth box
If you use FedEx Freight, now is the good time to check out their new prices and how these affect your own shipping costs. Should the news be of a significant change for your revenues, some of the following suggestions might be applied:
  • Use the proper shipping box to ship your goods. Make sure they are of the right size (not too small and not too big).
  • If your shipping carton is too big; you're likely to be overcharged due to the height and volume of the packaging. If this is the case, cut the sides of the carton, leaving enough flaps to close it, and reduce the size of the package. Even a better idea is to use Multi Depth Boxes, where the height adjustment can be easily applied without wasting time in measuring the boxes.
  • Still consider using the corrugated sheets to protect your content from rough handling and uneven weight.
Proper shipping is needed to build trust between you and your clients. Yet, we still need to do it smartly by not getting caught into shipping overcharge cases. Always evaluate it from time to time and add the right shipping cost to the purchase that your customers make.

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  1. multi Depth Boxes I hadn't even heard of those but they sound like a really good Idea and like they will save me lots of time in finding the right box for what I want to ship


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