Sunday, June 17, 2012

Preserving Food: 5 Gallon Buckets vs 55 Gallon Drums

One might wonder, if we can preserve food in 5 gallon buckets, why not in a bigger bulk inside 55 gallon drums? Well, we theorically can. But in practice, it will be quite hard to keep food for 5-20 years in 55 gallon barrels in a normal household. Here are some of the reasons.

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The major reasons why we love preserving food in 5 gallon buckets:

  1. 5 gallon pails are a lot cheaper than 55 gallon barrels.
  2. We can store different foods in different pails. With barrels, you will need to store the same type of food in one whole barrel.
  3. 5 gallon buckets are easier to move, especially when there are stairs involved. Imagine storing wheat in 55 gallon drum (about 380 lbs) and in the next 5 years you decide to move to another house. However, if you insist on storing in 55 gallon barrels, make sure you have one of these drum trucks or dollies.
  4. If there is any occurence that bugs ever get into your storage container - mylar bag leaks or other reasons - imagine how devastated you will feel to have the whole VERY expensive 55 gallon drum of grains spoilt.
  5. Let's say it all works fine with storing foods in 55 gallon drums. The next question is, how can you finish consuming the huge amount of food once the mylar bag is opened? Unless you have a big family of 15, you're a farmer or you're in some kind of factory, chances are you are going to end up with spoiled foods before it's all used up. Grains, however, are more easily stored and kept so long they are kept dry.

It is still possible to store dry foods in 55 gallon barrels. It is, in fact, a great way to store foods when you're involved in its production (i.e. farm) or some food manufacturing company. We will have another post shortly on how to store bulk dry foods in 55 gallon drums. Keep coming back often to our blog for more and happy food preserving!

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  1. Yeah I think 5 gallon barrels are definitely more convenient for the average person. Great for food storage for average sized family. I still don't know if it would be a good Idea for a big family to use the 55 they're just too bulky


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