Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Trivia on Plastic: What Recycled Plastic Can Be Turned Into

Not every news about plastic is necessarily bad. Today's recycled plastic can be turned into so many useful things; from plastic chair to clothes. Check out some of interesting trivia about recycled plastic's possible new life.

  • 5 recycled plastic bottles can be made into fiberfill for one ski jacket.
  • 1050 recycled milk jugs can be turned into 6 ft plastic park bench.
  • 25 recycled plastic soda bottles can be made into one fleece jacket.
  • 35 plastic bottles can be recycled into fiberfill for one sleeping bag.
  • 35 plastic bottles can be made into 1-square yard of polyester carpet.
  • 14 plastic bottles can be recycled into a T-shirt
14-recycled plastic bottles T-shirt

As you might have noticed by now, a lot of those recycled things mentioned above are made from plastic bottles. Besides reducing the use of plastic soda bottles in our life, it's also a great idea to recycle them into T-shirt or carpet. All it takes is just participating in the recycling movement by sorting garbage even at the act of throwing them away and sending them to the nearest recycling curb. Easy.

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  1. This is a very good example as to what used plastic items can turn into, showing that we these can still serve a purpose. Aside from plastic items, paper products such as documents and newspapers can be shredded and used for others purposes as well. The shirt shown above is a perfect example of what we can do in order to minimize wastage, thank you for sharing!


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