Saturday, July 7, 2012

Drum Reconditioning Equipments

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using used reconditioned drums. It is probably even a better way to do it than producing and buying new drums; if the contents allow that is. If your business doesn't require using brand new barrels to contain your product, then reconditioned barrels is a cheaper way out for the production. You can either buy ready-made reconditioned barrels or recondition your own barrels. For the latter, you will need special drum reconditioning equipments to ensure that they are safe to reuse.

Drum/Pail Washer


This washer is good for steel and plastic barrels and pails. Made of 10 gauge carbon steel, it works with 500 lb. capacity producing 20 GPM at 50 psi. A revolving spray head is useful for cleaning the interiors of drums and a stainless steel chip screen helps filter debris. See more specs here.

Expanding Seal Pressure Test Plugs


The plug fits 2" and 3/4" NPS opening. It handles up to 100 psi air pressure.

High Power Whirling Washing Nozzle


This nozzle has rotating head that can perform better and more thorough cleaning job than normal fixed nozzles.

Pro-Wash Removable Paint Makers

Great for quality control process, parts assembly, etc. Wash it with water or detergent and the marks will be gone instantly. Write on metal, plastic, glass and other non-porous surfaces.

Drum Leak Tester

It's only reasonable to test your reconditioned drums for leaks before use. Use this to do that.

Drum Cleaning Chain

Clean the most stubborn residues with this chain.

Drum Major Rotating Cleaning Head

This works with almost all cleaning solutions, including acids. The nozzle fits 2" bung opening and the rotating head gets through 3/4" opening. The cleaning head gives 30 GPM at 50 psi with effective cleaning radius as far as 6 feet.

Those equipments above are just some of many drum reconditioning equipments we offer. Head here if you want to see the complete list; or contact us for recommendations on which equipments to take.

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