Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stackable Totes for Transporting and Storing

Stackable totes are highly versatile in industries, especially in handling materials. One or more totes can be used for both transporting and storing purposes, providing easy-to-handle and spacious containers for certain materials. Two important features of stackable totes are described as follows.

Strong and durable

Most totes are made of HDPE. This type of plastic resin is among the strongest and the most durable one can find in terms of safe containers to use. It's also reusable and recyclable.

Stackable for optimum space eficiency

Not only that totes are able to hold more materials than normal plastic containers, but the stackable characteristic is also an added value to this storage product. Again, the sturdy HDPE plays important role, as it allows one tote to be stacked on top another. As a result, you will save space as these totes are arranged vertically.

If you plan to use a storage for a long time, stackable totes are more economical than normal cardboard boxes. Not to mention that they can also provide better security for your materials against rough handling or accidental puncture.

Some additional kits are available to our 70 gallon and 120 gallon stackable totes. These include tote skid, leg kit, dip tray kit, and plumbing kit for single, double and triple stackable totes. Contact our representative to get recommendations of what kits could be best fit for your totes.

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