Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buckets on Pinterest

Buckets, buckets and more buckets! There are even buckets on Pinterest, one of today's most favorite social websites. We have picked some for you below.

Summer Bucket List
(Or fall, or winter, or spring, your pick)

Decorative Buckets
For special occassions, or not.

Sesame Street Party Buckets
Kids would love them!

Baby in a Bucket Photo Idea
Why not? Your baby will definitely look cute in it! :)

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Bucket to Contain Cleaning Products and Tools
Being organized at home doesn't have to be expensive
Source: via Kteba on Pinterest

Bucket Ottoman

Bucket Cooler

5 Gallon Bucket Swing
Check out the DIY instruction there.

Bucket Magazine Rack
For the bedroom, for the living room, for the toilet.

Teacher Gift Pail
Why gift one present if you can give one bucket?

Halloween Mummy Pail
Halloween is coming. What about making this cute mummy pail for the treats?

Umbrella Pail

Compost Pail

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