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One of the first of its kind, the metal
drum heater initially was manufactured
in the middle to late 1940s and was
named the RH-1 (round drum heater). It has
evolved over the past 60-plus years to the
heaters now referred to as models 8TRX55L115,
Infinite (Variable) Control 55 Gallon Steel Drum Heaters,120v
Infinite (Variable) Control 55 Gallon Steel Drum Heaters,120v

 When first designed, the metal drum
heater was a simple, round band heater
5 inches wide and 22-1/2 inches in diameter.
The control, a three-heat switch, was
mounted in an outlet box in the center of the
band’s diameter. The unit was sold with an
attached ground plug. This heater was one
of the few available for heating material to
make it more fluid and workable.

 Since then, the construction has
changed as different materials became
available. This required added controls.
The controls now used are versatile enough
to use on most nonflammable and nonvolatile

 The model 8TRX55L115 drum heater is
manufactured in two different standard
voltages: 120 volts, rated at 1,920 watts,
and 240 volts, rated at 3,000 watts. The
controls on both heaters are available in
either a high- or low-range thermostat with
a three-heat switch that allows the user
to reduce the wattage input. The 240-volt
3,000-watt heater can be varied from 3,000
to 1,500 and then to 750 watts, and the 120-
volt, 1,920-watt heater can be varied from
1,920 to 960 and then to 480 watts. The
TRX heater is used primarily on material
requiring constant heat for quick heating.

 The model 8TRX55L115 drum heater is
manufactured in the same manner, with
one exception. The thermostat is replaced
by an infinite (variable) switch. The three-
heat switch and the infinite switch assembly
provide a “time on to time off” cycle.
This heater constantly cycles on and off
unless the infinite switch is set to “high.”
With the “high” setting, the unit remains on
at whatever wattage setting the three-heat
switch is set to. The wattage setting can be
varied the same as the 8TRX55L115. The 240-
volt, 3,000-watt heater can be varied from
3,000 to 1,500 and then to 750 watts, and
the 120-volt, 1,750-watt heater can be varied
from 1,750 to 875 and then to 438 watts.

 The advantage of the 8TRX55L115 is that One

Product recycling and sustainability
has never been emphasized
more than in today’s marketplace.

Thermostat Control 120v 55 Gallon Steel Drum Heater, 200-400°

RS Used Oil Services is a division
of Universal Lubricants (UL),
one of the oldest lubricant manufacturers
and distributors in the United
States. In this age of sustainability,
UL has leveraged its industry expertise
to become an innovative leader
in used oil collection and re-refining.

UL’s state-of-the-art re-refinery
plant in Wichita, Kan., strips away
old, worn out additives to produce
Group II base oil. The company then
blends the selected base oil with a
fresh additive package to create its
reliable, performance-driven ECO
ULTRA® line of automotive and industrial

As the motor oil of choice for an
increasing number of dealerships,
fleet operators and repair centers
across the United States, the ECO
ULTRA line has become a steady
benchmark for “good as used” products
and processes in transportation
and beyond.

The 8TRX55L115 Series of highly adjustable drum heaters
is available from BAYTEC. These drum heaters have
added controls so they are versatile enough to be
used on most nonflammable, nonvolatile materials.

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