Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watering Bag is Gardener's Best Friend

Are you a gardener, an equestrian, or a construction worker who is often exposed to the nonavailability of water in the area you work? If you are, you can start making this 20 gallon portable watering bag your best friend.

Some of the advantages that this watering bag offers include:
  • great for uses where hoses are not available
  • 80 liters or 20 gallon capacity
  • easily stored (simply fold the bag)
  • easily filled and easily dispensed
  • made of food grade material/BPA free
  • cheaper compared to other watering bags
  • free shipping
Press play on the video below to see how easy to use this portable watering bag.

Contact Bay Tec to order this item and have it sent for FREE to your door.

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