Friday, November 23, 2012

Plastic Bottle VS Glass Bottle, Which is Better?

Plastic bottles, especially those used for feeding babies, have raised environmental concerns in the past decade. The finding of bisphenol A or BPA, which could be leached to contents in plastic bottles, especially when heated, made mothers think twice before using plastic bottles to feed their young kids. Some experts suggest that glass bottles are much safer choice than the plastic ones. But of course the glass bottles have their own inconveniences as well. Today's blog discusses the advantages and the disadvantages of using plastic and glass bottles.


Glass bottles
  • Safer than plastic bottles. No BPA could possibly be leached from glass bottles.
  • Preserve temperature better than plastic bottles.
  • Great for use at home where not much mobility is required
Plastic bottles
  • A lot lighter than glass bottles, making them highly portable. Plastic bottles are great to use when traveling or on the move.
  • Don't break easily.
  • Cheap.
  • Recyclable.

Glass bottles
  • More expensive than plastic bottles due to the more costly materials used in the making.
  • Break easily.
  • Heavy, unsuitable when used while commuting.
Plastic bottles
  •  Might be unsafe to use.
The comparison above might not seem fair for glass bottles. But plastic bottles do offer a lot of conveniences. However, health concern is a major issue. Even if we can only find one single disadvantage of plastic bottle, it's a big disadvantage. Fortunately, BPA-free plastic bottles also exist nowadays! So if you want all the conveniences plastic bottles can offer while not endangering somebody's life, BPA-free plastic bottles are your best shot when traveling. Keep the glass bottles at home use and feed safely.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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But how much of a discount should the online company offer in order to draw people into their cyber store?  Making an educated guess based on last year’s response seems to be one way to progressing online sales this year.  Large and Small online companies continue to compete in online sales, forcing smaller companies to offer larger incentives or match those of big business.  Some companies offer Free Shipping for online orders, which seem to be a big draw this year; it seems people are ok with paying a higher price for an item as long as there are not any additional charges.  Many companies marketing online send me as many as 3 emails a day with the lure for us to click through and show their enticing ways on ads with pretty colors, and BIG savings to stay and spend our loot.  Consumers need to realize the major discounts are in the smaller coupons items, not the big purchases.  Various stores offer promotions to get money back if you spend 50 or 75 dollars; this averages out to be a between 10-15%, which is basically like a regular sale.  These sales varied from small discounts to huge discounts, but most averaged around a 10-20% discount.  Many retailers offer free shipping but tend to increase the prices to offset the loss or set a minimum purchase amount while others raise prices then offer larger discounts to make you think you are getting a good deal. As I was engulfed with all the ‘Great’ sales for this season, I realized the companies I came across were all Large companies and big businesses, who have entire marketing departments dedicated to drawing in the crowd for Black Friday!  However, Big Business is not the bulk of business in this country, but Small Business make up over 90% of business in the U.S.  Small companies struggle every year to keep up with the big boys and offer discounts that match or give a higher incentive to come into their establishment or online store and shop.  Many of these small companies don’t have dedicated marketing departments to pull out and plan the latest strategy on luring in the consumer, but American Express has created a great community to celebrate being a small business and help them compete for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which is their annual Shop Small Business Saturday® Sale. 
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Traffic Control at Workplace

Traffic control is highly important at a factory, facility or any type of busy workplace. Choosing the right traffic control tools can determine better flow and upkeep of daily production. This is easy to do so long one is able to recognize what tools they need for each unique work areas.

Post/Bollard Sleeves

These posts are especially great to maintain buildings, equipments and flammable materials from damage. Arrange the bollards so that forklifts, carts and other vehicles have their own traffic line apart from storage of materials, equipments and even pedestrians. Bay Tec has two types of post/bollard sleeves: 4.5 inch post sleeves and 7 inch bollard sleeves.

Striping Machines

You don't fancy the post sleeves? Why not use Aerosol Striping Machine or Rollmaster Striping Machine? It paints lines so quickly and neatly just by walking towards the area you want painted.

Plastic Chain Barrier

If you need portable, removable barriers, this plastic chain barrier is a better idea than the striping paints. Place or remove them easily on the area you want to isolate.

Ultra Pads
Designed for those with visual impairment, the pad is unbreakable with excellent slip resistance. It's useful to alert visually impaired workers to different surfaces and upcoming intersection.

Traffic Cones
You must be familiar with these ones. They're used in traffic constructions as well as parking lots, etc.

Floor Safety Signs
Caution Wet Floor! Avoid injuries from wet floor with this bright colored floor safety signs.

Expandable Mobile Barriers

Place a portable no-entry barrier that can be extended to certain length that you need! Available in these two brands: Rubbermaid and Versa-Guard.


Place safety warnings the easy way! Use these stencils for accurate warning images on the floors, the walls and the doors. It's easy to clean them up as well!

Choose one or more of those traffic controls at your work place and avoid accidents as early as possible.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Creative, Environment-Friendly Activities You Can Do in Your Spare Time

What do you do in your spare time? Do you go camping, fishing, or mountain climbing? Do you stay at home and do gardening, making crafts, playing with your kids, watching TV or trying out new recipes? Have you ever stopped to think whether these leisure activities are environmental friendly? If they aren't yet, here are some activities that you can do creatively in your spare time which help preserving the environment.

Jewelry Stand from Plastic Bottle Cutout

Stop throwing away plastic bottles to the landfill. Reuse them or if you can no longer use them, create great things out of the bottles. Like this cute jewelry stand. Follow the DIY instructions here.

Seed Planter Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Isn't it such a shame to throw away the perfectly shaped toilet paper rolls? But when the paper has been used up, why would you keep the rolls? Well, here is an idea to reuse them before finally tossing them up in the rubbish bin. Plant your seeds in them!

Styrofoam Block Printing

Did you know that Styrofoam couldn't be decomposed? One way to discourage the making of more styrofoam is to reuse it and turn it into something else. Why not make your own stamps from them? Get some disposable Styrofoam plates and make your own printing design, like shown in the picture below. Follow the complete instruction here.

CD Case Greenhouse

So you have the CD bag with lots of pockets. That's a practical way to contain your CD collection. But what to do with the CD cases? Take them to the recycle center and let them do their magic? That's possible and a great way to do it. But you can also make a greenhouse out of these CD cases? How? Check it out here.

Recycled Magazine Jewelries

If you like wearing/making jewelries, this could be a fun and cheap activity for you to do on weekends. Get some magazine scraps and let your creativity juice flows. Make cute jewelries (or even bag) out of the recycled magazine pages, like shown here.

Christmas Decorations from Old Christmas Cards

Do you still keep last year's Christmas cards you received? There's no better time than now to recycle those cards into something useful: this year Christmas decorations! No need to spend money on new decoration. All it takes is time, and fun one! Check out what you can do with the old cards here.

Sand Combs from Plastic Container Lids

In some places it might be too cold to even think about beach now. So perhaps save this idea until the time is right. Click here to see how to make your own sand combs out of plastic container lids.

Plastic Bottle Art Painting

The more plastic bottles (or plastic anything) get bad publication, the more creative ideas shared on the internet. Some offer positive sides of used soda bottles, like this cherry blossom painting, created from dipping the bottom end of a soda bottle onto the paint, then on the canvas. Easy art and pretty as well!

Lined Canvas Corrugated Box

What to do with the so many shipping boxes piling up in the garage after moving house? Make them pretty and reuse them as storage boxes. Problem solved! See instructions here.

Light Bulb Vase

Don't throw away your broken (inside) bulbs. Make them into vases instead like described here. A great way to spend Sunday, isn't it?

Aren't they superb time fillers? Let's try them out this weekend!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Video of the Week: DIY Pond Filter with Square Bucket

This is a smart video on how to make your own pond filter with the help of a square bucket and some other materials. If you want to save some dollars on filter, this is the way to do it. It's pretty simple too. Check it out!

Uploaded by  on 29 May 2009
DIY Pond Filter. Build a pond or aquarium fillter from a bucket and and a bunch of plumbing parts. The total price was less then $40. (not including the power head pump. I got that from ebay.) Took about 1 and a half hours to build. Not including the 2 hours spent looking for parts at the home building plumbing department.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Winter Container Garden

Winter is coming soon. For some aspiring gardeners who live in colder climates, this couldn't be the best of news. Fortunately, one can always start a winter container garden to preserve some plants that can't self-seed after the frost leaves. Here is how.

  • You should see which plants can survive during winter and regrow as spring comes, and which can't. For those that are unable to take the cold wind, it's a good idea to move them indoors. You can either replant the whole plant in a big container or grow new plants from cuttings.
  • Choose the right container. It can either be the proper terracotta pot or simply a 5 gallon bucket or 30 gallon one. But basically the bigger the container, the better. That allows the plants to better protect their root systems.
  • Make sure there are proper drainage holes. Plants do need water in the winter, but they absolutely don't need to be soaked in cold water because there are no holes for the water to come out.
  • Place your container garden in a spot that is exposed to a lot of sun.
  • You may combine your herbs or vegetable plants with flowers. This will increase the appeal and lighten the mood in the house.
  • If you plan to put your container garden in the porch, you should at least make a simple greenhouse to help plants retain the heat and to protect them from harsh cold wind and frost.
  • When spring comes, you can replant the container plants back in your back yard or leave them in the pots to decorate the interior of the house.
Gardening can still be done in winter. All that thanks to the highly portable container garden.

Operating and Maintenance Tips for the Direct-Drive Drum Lid Mixer, Air Motor,1½ hp,5" prop.

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