Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Come Join Baytec Containers and Shop Small! 


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Cyber Monday Sales are expected to make an all time high this year.  Across generations people are logging on to make their Christmas shopping hassle free.  In recent months online retail stores have expanded the cyber booty to bigger and better discounts, which includes Free Shipping on some sites. In an article by Jennifer Booton for Fox Business, she indicates that there is an expected 18% increase over last year, which includes online, and smart phone buys.  These sales, popular on the Monday after Black Friday, commonly known as Cyber Monday, are increasing because they are more convenient than facing the crowds focused around Thanksgiving day sales.  Popular incentives luring the scouting proletariat, to wait in hours of long lines, clawing their way to the display of $99 dollar, 50” TV’s advertised to be available only from 11:59 to 12:00am, only to find that there was only ONE available!  I mean the store did fulfill the sale, so no grounds for false advertisement!  These exhausting, panic stricken accounts, that plague the Black Friday consumer like a gambler deciding on his bet with a mediocre hand.  More and more people are sacrificing face to face discounts for the convenience of online values even if they are not as good in order to avoid the ciaos; but how much of a discount is needed in order for people to buy online opposed to shopping for it in brick and mortar stores?
But how much of a discount should the online company offer in order to draw people into their cyber store?  Making an educated guess based on last year’s response seems to be one way to progressing online sales this year.  Large and Small online companies continue to compete in online sales, forcing smaller companies to offer larger incentives or match those of big business.  Some companies offer Free Shipping for online orders, which seem to be a big draw this year; it seems people are ok with paying a higher price for an item as long as there are not any additional charges.  Many companies marketing online send me as many as 3 emails a day with the lure for us to click through and show their enticing ways on ads with pretty colors, and BIG savings to stay and spend our loot.  Consumers need to realize the major discounts are in the smaller coupons items, not the big purchases.  Various stores offer promotions to get money back if you spend 50 or 75 dollars; this averages out to be a between 10-15%, which is basically like a regular sale.  These sales varied from small discounts to huge discounts, but most averaged around a 10-20% discount.  Many retailers offer free shipping but tend to increase the prices to offset the loss or set a minimum purchase amount while others raise prices then offer larger discounts to make you think you are getting a good deal. As I was engulfed with all the ‘Great’ sales for this season, I realized the companies I came across were all Large companies and big businesses, who have entire marketing departments dedicated to drawing in the crowd for Black Friday!  However, Big Business is not the bulk of business in this country, but Small Business make up over 90% of business in the U.S.  Small companies struggle every year to keep up with the big boys and offer discounts that match or give a higher incentive to come into their establishment or online store and shop.  Many of these small companies don’t have dedicated marketing departments to pull out and plan the latest strategy on luring in the consumer, but American Express has created a great community to celebrate being a small business and help them compete for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which is their annual Shop Small Business Saturday® Sale. 
 There was one place who we believe gives a true incentive to shop small.  American Express has declared this Saturday, November 24th as Small Business Shop day.  Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday sits Small Business Saturday®, a day dedicated to helping small businesses and their communities.   We here at Baytec Containers are proud to take part in Small Business Saturday this year and we want to encourage you to Shop Small® with us the day after Black Friday.  Let’s make a difference and support our online and local small businesses.  Log in to , which will show participating businesses. Also, if you are a small business and would like to join in the Shop Small® community just register your business at ; there you will receive logos, signs and instructions to participate in Small Business Saturday, November 24th.   

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