Friday, November 23, 2012

Plastic Bottle VS Glass Bottle, Which is Better?

Plastic bottles, especially those used for feeding babies, have raised environmental concerns in the past decade. The finding of bisphenol A or BPA, which could be leached to contents in plastic bottles, especially when heated, made mothers think twice before using plastic bottles to feed their young kids. Some experts suggest that glass bottles are much safer choice than the plastic ones. But of course the glass bottles have their own inconveniences as well. Today's blog discusses the advantages and the disadvantages of using plastic and glass bottles.


Glass bottles
  • Safer than plastic bottles. No BPA could possibly be leached from glass bottles.
  • Preserve temperature better than plastic bottles.
  • Great for use at home where not much mobility is required
Plastic bottles
  • A lot lighter than glass bottles, making them highly portable. Plastic bottles are great to use when traveling or on the move.
  • Don't break easily.
  • Cheap.
  • Recyclable.

Glass bottles
  • More expensive than plastic bottles due to the more costly materials used in the making.
  • Break easily.
  • Heavy, unsuitable when used while commuting.
Plastic bottles
  •  Might be unsafe to use.
The comparison above might not seem fair for glass bottles. But plastic bottles do offer a lot of conveniences. However, health concern is a major issue. Even if we can only find one single disadvantage of plastic bottle, it's a big disadvantage. Fortunately, BPA-free plastic bottles also exist nowadays! So if you want all the conveniences plastic bottles can offer while not endangering somebody's life, BPA-free plastic bottles are your best shot when traveling. Keep the glass bottles at home use and feed safely.


  1. Glass bottles and plastic bottles both have their equal importance in packaging, glass will be more safe, resistance to heat, used in daily purpose also. Where as plastic will be cheap, recycle, highly portable.

  2. Most us prefer glass bottle it's safe regardless of the price.

  3. Indeed there will be good and bad in one scenario but over all glass bottles are the best as plastic bottles are not good for the health. I think health is more important than any other thing.


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