Sunday, November 4, 2012

Traffic Control at Workplace

Traffic control is highly important at a factory, facility or any type of busy workplace. Choosing the right traffic control tools can determine better flow and upkeep of daily production. This is easy to do so long one is able to recognize what tools they need for each unique work areas.

Post/Bollard Sleeves

These posts are especially great to maintain buildings, equipments and flammable materials from damage. Arrange the bollards so that forklifts, carts and other vehicles have their own traffic line apart from storage of materials, equipments and even pedestrians. Bay Tec has two types of post/bollard sleeves: 4.5 inch post sleeves and 7 inch bollard sleeves.

Striping Machines

You don't fancy the post sleeves? Why not use Aerosol Striping Machine or Rollmaster Striping Machine? It paints lines so quickly and neatly just by walking towards the area you want painted.

Plastic Chain Barrier

If you need portable, removable barriers, this plastic chain barrier is a better idea than the striping paints. Place or remove them easily on the area you want to isolate.

Ultra Pads
Designed for those with visual impairment, the pad is unbreakable with excellent slip resistance. It's useful to alert visually impaired workers to different surfaces and upcoming intersection.

Traffic Cones
You must be familiar with these ones. They're used in traffic constructions as well as parking lots, etc.

Floor Safety Signs
Caution Wet Floor! Avoid injuries from wet floor with this bright colored floor safety signs.

Expandable Mobile Barriers

Place a portable no-entry barrier that can be extended to certain length that you need! Available in these two brands: Rubbermaid and Versa-Guard.


Place safety warnings the easy way! Use these stencils for accurate warning images on the floors, the walls and the doors. It's easy to clean them up as well!

Choose one or more of those traffic controls at your work place and avoid accidents as early as possible.

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