Sunday, December 30, 2012

What to Do With All the Christmas Leftover Shipping Boxes?

Especially when you are away from the people you love, you'd likely have had some shipped presents by now. Yes, it was pretty exciting to open them up and find what lovely things you got inside. But then as we are moving towards the end of the year, we might as well consider to be a little bit organized than before. Why don't we start from the shipping boxes we piled at the corner of the room?

Store the Christmas decorations

The tree, the oversized socks hanging by the mantelpiece, the garlands, all these can be reused next year and the years after. Take them down once the season is over, organize them neatly, put wraps if necessary and store in the shipping boxes (if they are large enough to hold them). Otherwise you can browse some shipping boxes here. Label the boxes with "CHRISTMAS" and store them in dry place.

Reuse to contain/send presents

Any birthdays coming up? Keep the shipping boxes for presents with irregular shapes. It might come handy at the wrapping stage. If there is no such event to come any soon, flatten the boxes until you need them.

Cat's sleeping bed

Got a cat at home? Then you know very well how cats LOVE boxes. Turn your shipping boxes into cats' sleeping area. Watch this video below to do your own homemade cat sleeping bed.

Do you have other ideas on how to reuse shipping boxes? Share with us in the comment section below.

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