Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Video of the Week: Rain Barrel and Compost Tea System for Easy Gardening

We know about rain barrel system, we know about compost tea system. Rain barrel catches rain water and provides us free healthier water to keep our garden irrigated. Compost tea gives the plants free fertilizer along with the water irrigating the ground. What if these two excellent systems are combined into one big 660 gallon irrigation/fertilization system? I guess we'll get better produce with less maintaining effort and definitely a lot less cost. All those require only 12 - 55 gallon drums to begin with. Check out the video below to watch how this guy made this effective gardening system.

Video by: bsntechdotcom

Uploaded on 10 Apr 2011
This is the last video in my rain barrel system series. The entire system has now been constructed and consists of 12-55 gallon drums to hold 660 gallons of rain water. Four additional containers are below the barrels which will brew compost tea - and then it is pumped back into the rain water barrels to make a 1 part compost tea - to 3 parts water mixture to be delivered to the garden.

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