Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blemished Free Shipping New Barrels

Hello Baytec Bloggers,

  Have you been thinking about getting a container for water storage Just In Case?  Well Look no further,  Don't miss out on this great deal for water storage. Our New Blemished Barrels are FDA approved and perfect for consumable water.  The integrity of these barrels are in no way hindered.  Buy your Free Shipping Drum Today!

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Store Consumable Water


    NEW Blemished Barrels

                                                          Watch the video on this Product                          
  • Manufacturing color change processes on barrels cause them to get 2 different colors so manufacturers have categorized these as Blemished/Factory 2nds
  • New and Food Safe for water storage. 
Only 200 in stock!!!

on New Blemished Barrels
compared to New Solid Barrels!!

Don't like the Blemish stripes? 

Get a grey, black or green Barrel Bag to cover it!


Collect Rainwater

Protect your plants from droughts!

What is a Rain Barrel?


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