Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Upcycle Your Garden

Would you like to know how to keep your garden bright and colorful throughout the summer? Check out some of these suggestions on how to keep and upcycle your garden from existing wastes.

Soil drip irrigation

Most plants don't like to sit on water. Therefore to water them excessively will be a bad move because it will cause their roots to rot when the water is not drained properly. In the mean time, if summer heat is too harsh, it can kill plants too. Many gardeners believe that soil drip irrigation could be an answer to this. It waters the plants regularly from inside and keeps the soil moist during the harshest summer sun. One can practice soil drip irrigation by connecting PVC pipes to the water source like shown below:

image source: Delete the Nuts
Or you can also make this soil drip irrigation system by using used plastic bottles. It is very easy to apply it in your garden and at the same time it saves so much water with the condensation method. It also saves your time from doing routine watering to your plants. ;)

source: BluePencil 5

Recycled Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

Or what about this hillarious invention? It can't be that complicated to make. Check the DIY instruction here.

Upcycled Seed Starter Pots 

Make your own seed starter pots from shreded paper, water, blender and muffin tins. Voila, the cute pots below are the result.

Source: 365 days of DIY
Amazing gardening ideas, yeah? Come back next week for more gardening tips. Come back sooner for other upcycle posts or to see our special offers from time to time. See you!

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