Thursday, February 20, 2014

Do you need your slow moving, viscous liquid product to get moving during the cold months?
Products like oil, syrups, or honey can be very hard to dispense especially in the winter time which can be a nightmare to transfer; however, with Baytec's Barrel HeatersTote,Tank and IBC Heaters or Sahara Hot Boxes , your product is heated and flows with ease. 

As you install the heater to your Plastic Barrel ContainersSteel Barrel & Drums, or Tote, Tanks & IBC, the heat is going to be transferred to the content inside and make it runnier and easier to dispense. The heater is designed to heat in a non-invasive manner so that it won’t contaminate or burn the product.  

A popular brand of Plastic or Steel Heaters are the easy to use Powerblanket Heaters!

Industrial Heating Blankets

How Powerblanket Works - Breakdown
Try the Barrel & Bucket Powerblanket Heaters, which come in standard flat or round cylinders sizes, but also can be made into a custom size as well.  The Power Blankets can be used for various things such as a heater for your dogs bed, to thawing or curing  cement. With the Unique Heating Element and Vinyl Material these heating blankets are ideal for your heating needs.


Other types of heaters include our Wrap Around IBC Heater, which has a silicone impregnated cloth and liner filled with ¼” fiberglass insulation. The heater is equipped with 2 adjustable nylon straps with buckles across the top and 3 around the tank. You can find a “mouse hole” for spigot accessibility or the optional additional insulated top cover for faster heat-up and temperature maintenance.

The wrap-around heater fits various sizes of plastic tote tanks; from 40” x 40” to 48”x 48”. Choose from three available heights: 36”, 40” and 48”. With adjustable thermostat from 50° to 160°F, you may choose from two separate heating zones. See your options on the models below:

Check out the links above if you are interested or contact us for further assistance. 

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