Saturday, March 29, 2014

10 Ways to Spark Up Your Easter

Are you ready for Easter? We are! And we are going to show you some tips and ideas to spark up your Easter at home.

Try to be green

You can still try to be green at Easter. A good example will be to reuse last year's Easter basket. Or, if you have pails lying around, you can also make your own customized Easter buckets like these from 5 gallon buckets.

Make Easter masks from brown sacks

At the time of festivities, you'll have more shopping bags than you normally do. Don't throw them away. Paper bags are no less good than plastic bags. A great idea is to reuse them as Easter masks as described here.

Personalized Easter eggs

There is nothing more memorable than having personalized Easter eggs. Especially if these eggs are looking back at you. Make your own photo print Easter eggs and have the whole family giggle. See instructions here.

Button Candy

Then there are some projects that you can do with the kids. Like recycling these egg cartons or used cardboard boxes into cute button candies. Lori Marie from Pretty Little Things have all the instructions here. It's easy to do and will for sure occupy the children for a while.

Magazine Mini Basket

Got some old magazines lying around? You can either toss them away to the rubbish bin or create magazine mini baskets like shown below! Again, fun craft to do with kids on weekends. Click on the image for the instructions.

Easter Egg Candles

It's Easter, get more eggs to the craft table! Red Ted Art has a wonderful idea of sparking up Easter with personalized egg candles.

Easter Tree made from paper bag

Here is a craft idea that works both for Easter and Christmas from Inner Child Fun: Easter Tree made from paper bag. Rather than having a paper bag ended up in the trash, why not create an Easter tree out of it? It's an easy project to do with kids and it's a lot of fun too. Perhaps add photo prints of your family to the little hanging things? Check here for instruction of watch the short video below.

Braided Easter Eggs

Another upcycling project that involves used plastic containers is this braided Easter egg. It takes just empty used plastic container and unused fabric from old t-shirts. Click on the image to go to the original website with full instruction.

Cardboard Tube Lamb

Used cardboard toilet paper rolls and cottons equal cute tube lamb!!! Make some of these to complete your Easter decorations. See instructions here.

Other toilet paper roll crafts

KidsKubby has tons of ideas of recycling toilet paper rolls, including the easy bird seeder below. Simply smear peanut butter on toilet paper roll, cover with bird seeds. Fun way to bring the children to the nature on Easter, or any other days.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Upcycling This Week: How to Create an Attractive Packaging from Used Plastic Bottle

Many environmentalists rant how plastic goods, including plastic bottles and other plastic containers, are bad for us in the long run. They do have every reason to say so since plastic products take approximately 800 years to degrade. Yes, you read it right. Eight. Hundred. Years. However, they are here now, existent in our lives and will probably stay here in the next coming years. So, the better way to act towards plastic bottles is to reuse them.

One of the coolest ideas I have found on the internet is to convert plastic bottles into attractive packaging. Watch this video and let me know if you like the result:

Isn't it amazing? Neat packaging, perfect for gifts, keeping jewelries organized, and they look nice to display. Too bad the video above doesn't show how these boxes were made. But wait for it, someone else was posting the DIY instructions for these packaging boxes! Apparently they are made of 2 liter Soda bottles. Check it out below.

Simple yet genius! 

You can leave it clear like what Estuardo does and it will make a great storage without having to put label on it. Or if you are good with paint and other artsy props, go ahead and get your boxes here at Baytec and decorate them more attractive like in the first video!

Perhaps a great idea for this weekend family activity? ;-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Subject: ~Go Green & Save Your Green~

BayTec Containers
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10 Ways to Go Green
Water Collection Made Easy!
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10 Ways to Go Green
Would you like to learn more about what it means to 'Go Green', but don't want to sit and read tons of literature? 

Try this quick list of 10 Ways to Go Green, which will give you simple examples of how you can go green. 

Going Green is not an all or nothing choice; you can pick and choose specific things to do to help the environment or help conservation in your home. 

You can choose one or choose to do them all.  Here are  a few best practices on 10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green.
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Going Green
Dear Customer,

Today is the First Day of Spring.  Now that we have braved the cold its time to get ready for the rainy season and take advantage of natures FREE resources by Harvesting your own Water!!  Collecting your own water is an easy and efficient way to hydrate your landscaping and gardens or any outside use without the extra city expenses or stipulations on how you use 'water'.  Do your part in reducing the Carbon Footprint on our world by using natural resources and collecting your own water.


Garden Water Collection  

is easy with these 
Pre-Assembled Rain Barrels. 

These Open Head Garden Rain Barrel Drums have a handy spring activated lever lock ring to hold the top lid in place.  The hole in the center allows for water to be collected with your choice of a screen or solid hole opening.  Notice the crevice through the top of the lid, which helps water tunnel into the hole.  Near the bottom, the sidewall of the barrel features a 3/4" male bulkhead fitting so you can attach any standard hose to the bottom for easy garden water distribution. 
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Green Garden Barrel
Green Garden Rain Barrel
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Need a More Durable Rain Barrel?
Try our Heavy Duty Spruce Creek Rain Barrels, provide you with a  Premium Quality Food Grade Plastic, which has a capacity of 54 gallons and weighs only 20 pounds empty, so you are able to maneuver the barrel where ever you need.  Because this Rain Barrel comes fully assembled for easy setup we are able to offer delivery to your door included in the price, so you get Free Shipping for this just reduced price!!

Heavy Duty Green Spruce Creek Barrel

Some of the other features on this Rain Drum include:

* Two dispensing points allow simultaneous hose & spigot access
* Brass threaded spigot and other high-quality components will   withstand harsh weather and wear for years
* Screened automatic overflow and six foot diverted hose (can be extended to almost any length with standard sump pump hose)
* Connect two or more barrels together (via overflow hose) with our linking adapter (Cost $15.00 including delivery)
* Secure 'closed design' prevents accidental drowning
* 1/4" thick, UV protected, new material polyethylene plastic
* Screened water intake port prevents insect and debris entry
* Color - Moss Green or Brown
Go Green and Save your Green!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy St. Paddy's Day 2014!!!!

The whole family of Baytec Containers would like to say:


We hope you had an awesome green celebration as we did here!

Let's take a look at how the world celebrated this year's St. Paddy's day:

Chicago had a green dyed Irish wolfhound!

New York girls go green! (on their hair)

Chicago River turned green!

Kelli made her DIY St. Patrick's Day Topiary from a green bucket

Green beard!
source: EAONLINE

Green beer!

And BayTec Containers celebrate it by discounting our overstock GREEN BUCKETS!
Perfect for your upcoming green DIY projects!
Until next time!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baytec Containers' Overstock Items: Grab Now and Save Money!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home Made Science Projects

Hey there fellow bloggers check out this awesome video on Home Made Science Ideas using 5 Gallon Buckets! 

This Five Gallon Home Made A/C Unit is perfect for an RV or in the event of an Emergency.  In our opinion, this simple method for an A/C would be better suited with a heavy duty bucket for durability and longevity.

 Baytec's  90 mil HDPE food grade pails are perfect for this application.  Because we offer the highest grade of plastic for pails and buckets they won't leach chemicals into the air so you can have a piece of mind knowing the air coming from your home made unit is pure.  Affordable prices on quality 5 gallon buckets is hard to find, but we have the ultimate solution by offering rock bottom prices on a variety of colors.

Now with the largest selection of colors on the internet the colors range through various a variety of the rainbow.
Available Colors 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets & Pails
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Other colors available include Camouflage, Lime Green, Purple, Pink, Brown and Natural, which are also all 90 mil and made of Food Grade material.

Need a lid to go with your 5 gallon pail?  
Pick from 4 different lid types such as our Flat Lids, Flex Spout Lid, Pop open lid or Gamma Seal Lid.

PLastic Bucket Lids For 3-6 Gallon Plastic Buckets

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This handy lid pops right over the lip of your bucket, and has a center section that twists on and off for easy use. 

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Operating and Maintenance Tips for the Direct-Drive Drum Lid Mixer, Air Motor,1½ hp,5" prop.

  In the industrial world, having efficient, reliable equipment is key to maintaining high levels of productivity. The Direct-Drive Drum Lid...