Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home Made Science Projects

Hey there fellow bloggers check out this awesome video on Home Made Science Ideas using 5 Gallon Buckets! 

This Five Gallon Home Made A/C Unit is perfect for an RV or in the event of an Emergency.  In our opinion, this simple method for an A/C would be better suited with a heavy duty bucket for durability and longevity.

 Baytec's  90 mil HDPE food grade pails are perfect for this application.  Because we offer the highest grade of plastic for pails and buckets they won't leach chemicals into the air so you can have a piece of mind knowing the air coming from your home made unit is pure.  Affordable prices on quality 5 gallon buckets is hard to find, but we have the ultimate solution by offering rock bottom prices on a variety of colors.

Now with the largest selection of colors on the internet the colors range through various a variety of the rainbow.
Available Colors 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets & Pails
5 Gallon White Plastic Bucket White 5 Gallon Red Plastic Bucket Red 5 Gallon Blue Plastic Bucket Blue 5 Gallon Green Plastic Bucket Green 5 Gallon Yellow Plastic Bucket Yellow 5 Gallon Gray Plastic Bucket Gray 5 Gallon Black Plastic Bucket Black 5 Gallon Orange Plastic Bucket Orange

Other colors available include Camouflage, Lime Green, Purple, Pink, Brown and Natural, which are also all 90 mil and made of Food Grade material.

Need a lid to go with your 5 gallon pail?  
Pick from 4 different lid types such as our Flat Lids, Flex Spout Lid, Pop open lid or Gamma Seal Lid.

PLastic Bucket Lids For 3-6 Gallon Plastic Buckets

 FlexSpout Plastic 3-6 Gallon Bucket & Pail Lid- NON-UN


 Gamma Seal Bucket Lids All Colors 12 Pack


This handy lid pops right over the lip of your bucket, and has a center section that twists on and off for easy use. 

Don't forget to take advantage of our OVERSTOCK Buckets!!  New Overstock Pails Now only $3.25 each in  Green or Gray. 

New 5 gal green buckets, 3 pack <font color="#008000" face="Rockwell Extra Bold">$3.25each!!!</font>   NEW 5 Gallon Bucket,Plastic,Gray 3 Pack, ONLY $3.25 each!!!

NEW 5 Gallon Bucket Lid, Dark Yellow, 90 Mil, OVERSTOCK

Overstock Lids for only $.50 cents each!!!

Get these ASAP they are going FAST!!!!

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