Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Upcycling This Week: How to Create an Attractive Packaging from Used Plastic Bottle

Many environmentalists rant how plastic goods, including plastic bottles and other plastic containers, are bad for us in the long run. They do have every reason to say so since plastic products take approximately 800 years to degrade. Yes, you read it right. Eight. Hundred. Years. However, they are here now, existent in our lives and will probably stay here in the next coming years. So, the better way to act towards plastic bottles is to reuse them.

One of the coolest ideas I have found on the internet is to convert plastic bottles into attractive packaging. Watch this video and let me know if you like the result:

Isn't it amazing? Neat packaging, perfect for gifts, keeping jewelries organized, and they look nice to display. Too bad the video above doesn't show how these boxes were made. But wait for it, someone else was posting the DIY instructions for these packaging boxes! Apparently they are made of 2 liter Soda bottles. Check it out below.

Simple yet genius! 

You can leave it clear like what Estuardo does and it will make a great storage without having to put label on it. Or if you are good with paint and other artsy props, go ahead and get your boxes here at Baytec and decorate them more attractive like in the first video!

Perhaps a great idea for this weekend family activity? ;-)

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