Monday, April 28, 2014

This Week's Trivia: Aluminum (including Tin Cans)

Let's talk about aluminum. What is aluminum?
Aluminium (or aluminum) is a chemical element in the boron group with symbol Al and atomic number 13. It is a silvery white, soft, ductile metal. (Source: Wikipedia)

 In what products can we find aluminum?
  • tin cans
  • pans
  • sinks
  • jars
  • aluminum foils
  • chairs, etc.

Is aluminum biodegradable and recyclable? 

Biodegradable, no. Recyclable, yes.
In fact, recycling aluminum can give great impacts in life, such as: 
  • Reducing air and water pollution.
    Recycling aluminum gives us 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution compared to making aluminum from natural resources.
  • Saving energy.
    Recycle one aluminum can and save electricity needed for operating TV for approximately 3 hours.
  • Creating jobs.
    About 30,000 jobs have been created since 1970. In 1985, about 2 million aluminum can collectors earned more than $200 million by recycling.
  • Increasing productivity.
    Recycling beverage cans allows industry to produce 20 times more cans using the same amount of energy.

Are there other interesting facts about aluminum?

As a matter of fact, yes.

  • More than 120,000 aluminum cans are recycled in the US every minute.
  • An average American family recycles 150 six packs of aluminum cans in a year.
  • It's fast to recycle aluminum cans. The whole recycling process including collection, re-melting, rolling, manufacturing and distributing can be done in 90 days.

Happy recycling!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video of the Week: The Hanging Recycled Bottle Garden Project

This project is an excellent idea to start vertical gardening project with recycled plastic bottles. Not only do they save earth's pain from collecting plastic bottles, which would take approximately 800 years to degrade, but they will also save water by using the water dispensed by Air Conditioning devices. If you want to apply this at home and would also want to contribute in saving water but you have no AC, simply use the collected rainwater from a rain barrel system. Let's save the earth!

By: The Gin of the Americas

Publisher's note:
Published on 5 Oct 2012
Considering that the use of recycled PET bottles is a great teaching and learning tool regarding sustainability issues, especially during recent years in Brazil, students have been involved in building a system with planters made from this material. The lack of space in metropolises prevents growing herbs and vegetables without a limited space, urging the need to suggest ways to provide nature to our children and youngsters to develop physically, intellectually and emotionally. The hanging-garden project not only recycles bottles and provides green to the environment, but also prevents wasting 6,000 liters of water, which is the quantity released from an AC device throughout a whole school year. This water is collected and used to irrigate the plants, providing a cost-free sustainable watering system. Basil, mini Italian tomatoes and lettuce presented the greatest capacity for adaptation to the local high temperatures. Therefore, our goal is to spread this idea everywhere.

Monday, April 14, 2014

This Week's Pins: Spring Cleaning For the Home

It's spring! Time to roll up our sleeves and do some cleaning. 

We have collected some useful spring cleaning check lists and tips from Pinterest. 

A. Download a Spring Cleaning Check List.There are tons out there. I'll just refer you to one of them that is easy to follow.

B. Clean your toilet with Coke.
Limescale buildup in the toilet can be dissolved by the phosphoric acid found in Coke. See instructions here.
After using, recycle your coke bottle into one of these cool projects.

C. Use natural cleaning agents to clean hard stains. Like this lemon.
Source: Broccoli Cupcake

D. Salt scrub your cast iron pans. 
Salt is a natural abrasive which absorbs oil and takes off any food ingredient left there.
Source: Martha Stewart

E. Salt to clean iron.
Any sticky residue at the bottom of your iron can disappear simply by running hot steamed iron onto a piece of paper with some salt on it.
Source: Real Simple
F. Clean the coffee maker with a solution of water and vinegar.
Then rinse with water several times.
Source: Real Simple
G. Declutter.
Your spring cleaning task is going to be so much better once you de-clutter your clutters. Grab some cardboard boxes and label them according to the contents you are going to be throwing away.
From Pretty handy girl

That's all for now. Spring cleaning is a lot easier when shared with your spouse. A blog post on Spring cleaning tips For Him is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Make Tin Can Lanterns

This is a creative idea you can do at the weekends with your family: DIY tin can lanterns made of... well... recycled tin cans.

First off, did you know that....

every ton of scrap metal recycled saves 2500 pounds iron ore, 1000 pounds coal, and 40 pounds limestone?

Then, how would you like to see these tin cans....

turn into THESE tin cans?

a. 1800recycling 
b. design sponge
c. patent pending projects
d. quexthemyuu
e. how to recycle

One single look at the tin can lanterns, you'd guess that it is easy to make them. And it IS super easy to make! All you need to have are used tin cans, big nail, hammer, and if you plan to hang the lanterns, a thin wire. Follow the steps below and you'll be amazed at what YOU can do with tin cans (which otherwise would have ended up in the rubbish bin).

  1. Clean the tin cans properly and take off the labels. If they are really stuck, dip the cans into a bucket of warm water and leave them for a few minutes to half an hour. Peel them.
  2. Make a pattern on your tin can where the light from the candles can get through. Feel free to make various patterns and have fun with it.
  3. Carefully hammer the end of the nail just until it makes holes and follow the pattern that you have made in Step 2. There is no need to hit the nail all through the way to the tin can.
  4. If your tins are too thin and the shape changes when you pound on its wall, before starting making holes, fill the cans with water and put them in the fridge until iced. This will make it easy for you to pound on the cans without losing the shape of the tin.
  5. You can leave the tin cans just like that or you can paint them with the colors of your choice.
  6. If you want to hang the lanterns, make two small holes on the top opposite sides of the tin and slide the string wire and make a good knot.
  7. Put an LED candle inside each lantern. You may also use a normal candle if you like.
  8. Enjoy the lovely recycled tin can lanterns on your dining table or hung them on the tree branches when you are entertaining guests. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2014

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