Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video of the Week: The Hanging Recycled Bottle Garden Project

This project is an excellent idea to start vertical gardening project with recycled plastic bottles. Not only do they save earth's pain from collecting plastic bottles, which would take approximately 800 years to degrade, but they will also save water by using the water dispensed by Air Conditioning devices. If you want to apply this at home and would also want to contribute in saving water but you have no AC, simply use the collected rainwater from a rain barrel system. Let's save the earth!

By: The Gin of the Americas

Publisher's note:
Published on 5 Oct 2012
Considering that the use of recycled PET bottles is a great teaching and learning tool regarding sustainability issues, especially during recent years in Brazil, students have been involved in building a system with planters made from this material. The lack of space in metropolises prevents growing herbs and vegetables without a limited space, urging the need to suggest ways to provide nature to our children and youngsters to develop physically, intellectually and emotionally. The hanging-garden project not only recycles bottles and provides green to the environment, but also prevents wasting 6,000 liters of water, which is the quantity released from an AC device throughout a whole school year. This water is collected and used to irrigate the plants, providing a cost-free sustainable watering system. Basil, mini Italian tomatoes and lettuce presented the greatest capacity for adaptation to the local high temperatures. Therefore, our goal is to spread this idea everywhere.

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