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July 2014

Have you planned your 4th of July Celebration? 
You still have time to plan the best party possible!
Get your own Solid Mold Plastic Barrel Table we call a Crawfish Table; now with every purchase of our table, you will get a FREE 1LB bag of our very own specialty seasoning: Little Mama's Crawfish Dust!!! 
Baytec Hospitality Team
BayTec Containers


Get your Fresh Crawfish, MudBugs, or Crayfish, or Crawdads,
 Then get your Crawfish Table from Baytec Containers!
Our New Easy to Clean Plastic Crawfish Table is made with a durable Polycarbon material. It fits perfectly on a 55 gallon Barrel, with a hole cut in the middle for easy trash disposal to the drum.

Plastic Table Mold Features:
2 paper towel holders
4 sections on each corner to hold your CrawFish, Shrimp, Oysters or Bar-B-Que
4 Beverage Holders
4 smaller condiment slots
Enough space for 8 people to sit or stand around.

Clean Used 55 Gallon Barrel
$59.99 ~ FREE Shipping!!!

Buy the Table and get a FREE  
1lb bag of Crawfish Seasoning: 
'Little Mama's Crawfish Dust' for FREE!!!
Now don't that look like the perfect 4th of July Celebration!!! 
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So What is a Crawfish?
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Featured Article
by Pam Hook
So What is a Crawfish???

Since I can remember my family has eaten crawfish, I never thought to ask so what is this I am eating exactly??

They are small little shell fish that look and taste a bit like lobster.  Much like the main lobster in the East Coast Capes, this too is isolated mainly around the Southern Gulf of Mexico Coastline. 

There are many names of which these are called Crayfish, Crawdads, Mud Bugs and of course Crawfish.  Throughout the world there are 500 different types of Crawfish and over  350 species of these lobster like morsels just in the United States!

Most people who make these boil them in large stainless steel containers and mix in corn on the cob, mushroom caps, small potatoes and sausage.  The trick to a good crawfish is all in the seasoning!  Just the right amount of spices put the perfect touch on the tastes of these little guys. 

Over the years I learned tricks of the trade on how to peel them pulling twisting and forking them to get that tasty meat out!  Truth is there is no right way to eat them just dig in! 


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