Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!

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Multicolored Buckets!!!
~Red White and Blue Sale~ 
Round or Square multicolored buckets range in sizes from 3 1/2 gallon - 6 gallon, 75-90 mil buckets.;
These all have a metal bail and plastic handle, as well as the child warning label on the side.  Many people are using these for bulk food storage as they are all FDA Approved, & BPA Free.  
5 Gallon Plastic Buckets Low as $2.95barrels
5 Gallon Plastic Buckets Low as $2.95

 Do you need them for manufacturing, refinery use, or just to transport material?
Our Buckets are all  UN Certified and D.O.T. Approved with the flat top; this allows you to have a certified container that can ship across state and international borders.

Are you organizing for the summer?

These buckets are ideal for your product use or just to use for organizing around the house.  Recently, one of our employees used all the different colors to color code her kids toys, and stacked the buckets nicely 2 high around the room and used the Gamma Seal Screw Top Lid.  These specialty lids give you easy access with the products inside. 

You can be confident with the American made Gamma Seal Lid, because they all have a double gasket; one in the bottom base that affixes on the bucket, then another gasket which is in the center portion that screws on and off!   

~Easy on ~Easy Off~   

We have these in a variety of colors and sizes for all your school, household or business needs. 
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Designer Gamma Containers.
Get our 2.5 gallon Faux Leather
or Faux Fur bucket.

Screw Top Gamma Seal Lid Included!!!

Now only $8.96 with our
July10% off Coupon

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~MADE in the USA~

Save 10%
This coupon is redeemable for a 1 time use and does not include the cost of shipping or handling.  Some free shipping products may be excluded.
Type in Coupon Code: JULY42014                                                                                         Offer Expires: July 31, 2014

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