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BayTec ContainersNovember 11, 2014

Dear Customer,
Today On 11/11, Baytec Containers is giving 11% for 11 Hours just to show we appreciate all who have served! 
The CEO of our company was one of these men serving both in the Navy and U.S. Army.  His values and strengths are instilled into this company and he continues to build Baytec with these foundational roots! 

All the employees here at Baytec would like to express our gratitude to him as well as all of those who have served!!!
Baytec Hospitality Team
BayTec Containers

P.S. Enter Code: VETTHANKS 
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Featured Article
The History of the Poppy has many meanings but it has popularly symbolized those who have passed while serving in war.  The poppy is worn by veterans and those honoring the fallen.  Throughout history the poppy has been kept alive and grown, harvested, and distributed all the while gaining notability itself and embodying a sign of freedom and the peace that is afforded us from those who have fallen in battle.  Just as we honor those fallen so shall we honor those who still live who have served.  The sacrifice only taken by few who feel chosen and put their lives at the mercy of serving the United States of America just so we can live free.  Give a poppy to a veteran today to show how you respect and appreciate all the armed services has done for this country to protect our liberties.

Save 11%
TODAY ~Get 11% for 11 Hours on 11/11 ONLY~
Offer Expires: Nov 12, 12am       This coupon could exclude some items.

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