Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Save the Earth and Save for Yourself

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Save the Earth Save for Yourself!
What is Earth Day to Baytec?
Every year we hear about Earth Day, mainly through the schools teaching our kids that we need to 'save the earth'; but what does this really mean for you?  Basically, anything you can do to be a little more Eco-friendly, such as saving gas, or buying recycled material products.  Basically, it means decreasing the carbon footprint on the planet in any way.  Baytec Containers was founded on finding and re-purposing used containers, then providing them to the individual so they can take advantage of reusing these containers that industries simply grind. 

In our Container Family have several products made with recycled materials such as the New 50 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel.  This Rain Saver Barrel is designed to esthetically enhance outdoor features and set near the wall of your home or business. This water collection barrel is commonly used to harvest water, which reduces the carbon footprint as well. This particular Water Barrel is available in 6 various colors to match to any natural
shade and now only $139.95 with Free Shipping. The durable solid mold design allows rain water collection through a recessed dip and corrosion resistant screen at the top, and has two side holes and a faucet to disburse the water at various levels. 

Need something a bit more economical? Look at our reconditioned and durable Used Containers.  These containers have only been used 1 time and most had some sort of FDA product transported previously.  These can only be used for personal use or disposal use, but provide a good cost efficient means to various HDPE containers.

If your in the market for any type of container look to us to find your needs and help reduce a little of the footprint on our Earth.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cardboard Organizers for Effective Living

What do you usually do to your shipping boxes? Throw them away? Recycle them to something useful? I'd personally go for the latter. Today we are going to talk about reusing cardboard boxes to get organized.

Good organization makes us feel good. Being organized for low cost to none is even better! That is why the idea of using cardboard boxes to help us stay coordinated might be the best thing to apply in our lives. Let's see how we can improve the effectiveness of our house with cardboard boxes.

Store the Christmas decorations (or Easter or any other annual celebrations)
Make dividers in your drawers.
There is nothing more annoying and time consuming than trying to dig into a number of small things that you just throw into the drawer. Drawer dividers help keep things in order. However, a drawer divider is not exactly cheap if you want to put it in every drawer. This is where you can use the leftover cardboard boxes to make your own DIY drawer divider. The video below will help you to make it.
This will take longer to do, make a coffee table!
DIY easy cardboard makeup organizer
Stacked cardboard caddy
This is a clever use of cardboard boxes and looks pretty at the same time. It will look pretty and tasteful on your work desk. See instructions on how to make it here.
How do you reuse your cardboard boxes? Please share in the comment below.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Never undermine Safety

Top-notch durability, performance and most importantly “safety” is the three-pronged purpose of every tool we buy.

Allow us to introduce you to NKG Metals Safety Tools – Ball Peen Hammers, Chisels, Scrapers, Putty Knives, Hatchets and much more.

Ordinary tools carry with them the hazard of sparks and can heavily undermine safety when used with flammable resins, solvents, paints or dust. The NKG BERYLCO non-sparking tools have a proven track record of supremely safe performance even when used with Carbon Disulphide (a frequently used industrial non-polar solvent with a remarkably low ignition temperature). With more than 500 tools to choose from, all made from Beryllium Copper, our range of Safety tools have amazing tensile strength coupled with superior non-corrosive properties.

Some quick pointers that can make you want to be an instant proud owner of NKG Berylco “SAFETY FIRST” tools:

Non-Magnetic & Non-Corrosive

Certified Non-Sparking by Factory Mutual Research Corporation

Compliant with OSHA regulations

 Maximum Torque & Shear Strength

Ready to Ship at Competitive prices

All set to buy? Click here for an exhaustive catalog of these world class Safety Tools. Undecided? No worries, to know more about our range of safety tools watch out for our other posts. For more information on NKG Berylco safety tools and to receive some great discount coupons, hit Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Remember, “Safety First is Safety Always” – Charles M Hayes

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to store Food using Mylar Bags: Step-by-step guide

Mylar Bags are your best bet when preparing for long term storage. While most of us may be content with ordinary Food Saver bags or other Zip-Lock Bags, it is imperative for us to realize that this will result in simply overworking the Oxygen Absorber and forcing it to under-perform. Read on to know why.

Mylar bags are Oxygen Barriers

When using an Oxygen Absorber for long term storage, it is best to use a Mylar Foil Oxygen Barrier bag – for the sole reason that even the littlest amount of Oxygen seepage into your storage will make the Oxygen Absorber dissipate 7 times faster.

How to Store Food for Long term

The following is a step by step guide on Long Term Food Storage using Mylar Bags. We put this together for all our patrons who are ready for some DIY Storage.

What you’ll need:


  1. Keep ready your Mylar bags. They come in various sizes to suit every requirement! Click here to see the many sizes on SALE now! 
  2. When considering Food Items that are sensitive to humidity and can potentially become rancid if stored improperly, it’s best to use a desiccant in combination with an Oxygen Absorber. The recommended use of a desiccant is in a 5 Gallon or bigger Mylar bag.
  3. Place the desiccant at the very bottom of the Mylar Bag as the first step.
  4. With that done, fill the bag with food items ranging from pulses, coffee, grains, dried meat, candies etc.
  5. At the top of the food, throw in an Oxygen absorber. A 300cc oxygen absorber is suitable for 1 gallon Mylar bag.
  6. Use this special Mylar Bag Hot Jaw Heat Sealer to seal the bag effectively. Do remember that, generic food bag sealers will not seal the Mylar Foil efficiently. This is because they cannot produce enough heat required for the thickness of the Mylar Bags.
  7. Always remember to use a permanent Marker to “Mark” your food item – with the packaging date.
  8. It is advisable to store these bags in a plastic pail with a tight lid (gasket type). Pick one from our large range of Plastic Pails, Jugs and Lids!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Oxygen Absorbers: BFF for food and medicine storage!

Quick Fact: The air around you is made up of 21% oxygen, 78% Nitrogen (1% other gases) and most bacteria thrive in the presence of Oxygen!

Why use Oxygen Absorbers?

It has been scientifically proved that Oxygen Absorbers aid in keeping stored food fresh for longer. They extend the shelf-life of many food products such as Beans, Coffee, Candy, Confectionery, Dried Fruits, Flour, Dairy Products, Pharmaceuticals, Cookies, Cakes and lots more! What’s more – you can use these handy Oxygen Absorber Sachets to store and maintain even pet food, first aid kits, and paintings! We recommend using them with Mylar bags for best performance. But without ado, you can also use them with zip-lock bags, mason jars and other food containers. These little sachets can do miracles in preserving food and eliminating odors!
How do they work?

The Oxygen Absorber Sachets contain within them a mixture of iron powder and sodium chloride. We know very well that Iron is prone to rusting – this very phenomenon is used to our benefit in the Oxygen Absorber Sachets. The iron powder naturally absorbs the moisture and oxygen and leaves behind purely Nitrogen, when the Oxygen Absorber is kept in any container with food – bacteria cannot thrive in a pure nitrogen environment. This in turn prolongs the longevity of the food/pharmaceuticals stored along with the Absorber. Some modern Oxygen Absorber packets also have Activated Carbon which actively absorbs other kinds of gases.

Where to buy?

SALE! We are currently running exemplary discounts on Oxygen Absorbers! Available in Packs of 10 and 50, we have two variants of 2000cc and 300cc respectively.

2000cc variant: Available in packs of 10, one of these is sufficient for a 5 gallon container!

300cc variant: Available in packs of 50, one of these is sufficient for a 1 gallon container!

We also provide Oxygen Absorber Saver Bag Clip – for you to be able to efficiently store unused Oxygen Absorbers.

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