Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cardboard Organizers for Effective Living

What do you usually do to your shipping boxes? Throw them away? Recycle them to something useful? I'd personally go for the latter. Today we are going to talk about reusing cardboard boxes to get organized.

Good organization makes us feel good. Being organized for low cost to none is even better! That is why the idea of using cardboard boxes to help us stay coordinated might be the best thing to apply in our lives. Let's see how we can improve the effectiveness of our house with cardboard boxes.

Store the Christmas decorations (or Easter or any other annual celebrations)
Make dividers in your drawers.
There is nothing more annoying and time consuming than trying to dig into a number of small things that you just throw into the drawer. Drawer dividers help keep things in order. However, a drawer divider is not exactly cheap if you want to put it in every drawer. This is where you can use the leftover cardboard boxes to make your own DIY drawer divider. The video below will help you to make it.
This will take longer to do, make a coffee table!
DIY easy cardboard makeup organizer
Stacked cardboard caddy
This is a clever use of cardboard boxes and looks pretty at the same time. It will look pretty and tasteful on your work desk. See instructions on how to make it here.
How do you reuse your cardboard boxes? Please share in the comment below.

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