Monday, April 13, 2015

Never undermine Safety

Top-notch durability, performance and most importantly “safety” is the three-pronged purpose of every tool we buy.

Allow us to introduce you to NKG Metals Safety Tools – Ball Peen Hammers, Chisels, Scrapers, Putty Knives, Hatchets and much more.

Ordinary tools carry with them the hazard of sparks and can heavily undermine safety when used with flammable resins, solvents, paints or dust. The NKG BERYLCO non-sparking tools have a proven track record of supremely safe performance even when used with Carbon Disulphide (a frequently used industrial non-polar solvent with a remarkably low ignition temperature). With more than 500 tools to choose from, all made from Beryllium Copper, our range of Safety tools have amazing tensile strength coupled with superior non-corrosive properties.

Some quick pointers that can make you want to be an instant proud owner of NKG Berylco “SAFETY FIRST” tools:

Non-Magnetic & Non-Corrosive

Certified Non-Sparking by Factory Mutual Research Corporation

Compliant with OSHA regulations

 Maximum Torque & Shear Strength

Ready to Ship at Competitive prices

All set to buy? Click here for an exhaustive catalog of these world class Safety Tools. Undecided? No worries, to know more about our range of safety tools watch out for our other posts. For more information on NKG Berylco safety tools and to receive some great discount coupons, hit Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Remember, “Safety First is Safety Always” – Charles M Hayes

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