Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Save the Earth and Save for Yourself

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Save the Earth Save for Yourself!
What is Earth Day to Baytec?
Every year we hear about Earth Day, mainly through the schools teaching our kids that we need to 'save the earth'; but what does this really mean for you?  Basically, anything you can do to be a little more Eco-friendly, such as saving gas, or buying recycled material products.  Basically, it means decreasing the carbon footprint on the planet in any way.  Baytec Containers was founded on finding and re-purposing used containers, then providing them to the individual so they can take advantage of reusing these containers that industries simply grind. 

In our Container Family have several products made with recycled materials such as the New 50 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel.  This Rain Saver Barrel is designed to esthetically enhance outdoor features and set near the wall of your home or business. This water collection barrel is commonly used to harvest water, which reduces the carbon footprint as well. This particular Water Barrel is available in 6 various colors to match to any natural
shade and now only $139.95 with Free Shipping. The durable solid mold design allows rain water collection through a recessed dip and corrosion resistant screen at the top, and has two side holes and a faucet to disburse the water at various levels. 

Need something a bit more economical? Look at our reconditioned and durable Used Containers.  These containers have only been used 1 time and most had some sort of FDA product transported previously.  These can only be used for personal use or disposal use, but provide a good cost efficient means to various HDPE containers.

If your in the market for any type of container look to us to find your needs and help reduce a little of the footprint on our Earth.

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  1. I got one of these barrels and I LOVE it!!! You can put it right up to the house and it looks like it goes with the landscape. Helped us save a ton of money on plants because of the city putting a limit on our water usage, we were able to use the water as we saw fit because we collected it ourselves!!! I may get another since it is even cheaper! If your thinking of getting a rain barrel, this is a good choice. P. McWilliams


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