Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Grandparents Day GET PREPARED!!!

On September 13th, remember your grandparent or be a good grandparent by giving something everyone needs, such as a food or water storage container. Try our plastic 3.5, 5 or 6 Gallon Buckets, or 15-55 Gallon Barrels. These days you never know when you’re going to need to be prepared; so why not stock up on basic necessities just in case and know you have a backup plan by storing extra water and food in those unexpected times.  The Baby Boomer Generation is getting older and that means their parents are as well; these two generations have been through more emergency situations than any other generation, so take it from them, who know what’s best in being prepared.  Preparing isn’t for the feeble minded at all, in fact, it is for the smart at heart.  The time to prep is now especially since the cold weather is coming.

Last year several states were affected by record freezes, some people were locked in their houses for several days or weeks because of road closures and snow.  The cold weather is coming no matter what and it’s smart to not only have extra basic food and water necessities, but heaters for those storage containers as well.  We have a variety of container heaters and accessories for your needs.  Survival comes from being prepared physically, financially, but also mentally; therefore getting prepared gives you a sound mind mentally, so you know in a pinch you have your basic necessities met.  

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