Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Get FAT and Indulge in Savings on Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday!  We are seeing Purple, Yellow and Green here at Baytec Containers to celebrate Fat Tuesday, which is the last day of Mardi Gras.  Fat Tuesday is marked by a celebration to eat and be merry the day before Ash Wednesday, which is traditionally the day people give up something for Lent until Good Friday. 

We would like to invite you to Indulge in our Super Savings And Give Up Paying Full Prices!!! 

Look Below to get BIG Savings TODAY!

Purple 55 Gallon Tight Head Barrel

Polyethylene Solid Mold Drum, with 1-2" Course Thread Cap and 1-2" Fine Thread Cap.  Enclosed Design allows for your product or water to be protected safe from outside allergens and bacteria.  Use our Bung Tool to operate the caps with ease and ensure an airtight seal. 
 Regular: $129.95  BUT Now Only: 
$95.95 + Free Shipping!

Economy Square 4 Gallon Plastic Bucket are made of the finest quality FDA approved material(that means
its Food Grade) available on the market today and it's sold in money saving 18 Pack.   Each Bucket is 80 mil thick and available in many colors. Regular: $139.95 - NOW: $125.82 + Free Shipping

Purple 4 Gallon
Yellow 4 GallonGreen 4 Gallon

Lids Sold Separate

Rain Barrels and Rain Water Barrels Made with FDA approved Materials.  Your Choice of "Rain Water Barrel" either Factory Fresh New Barrels or Reconditioned "Rain Barrels". 
If you're looking for ways to save on your water bills and want to ensure that your lawn or garden doesn't suffer, consider an old-fashioned technology: rain harvesting with rain Water barrel.
 Regular: $119.95  BUT Now Only: 
$89.95 + Free Shipping!
FDA approved food grade material scoops.  Now available in 1 Quart and 2 Quart sizes.  Durable and light these are perfect to dispense your food grade product with ease. Available in a variety of Colors!  
Regular: $8.95-9.95 - NOW: $7.95-8.95

This super Heavy Duty Barrel Bag Cover is twice the thickness of our regular 55 Gallon Barrel Bag Cover and only cost $10.00 more and has free shipping. Order yours Today to protect you drum or barrel $36.95. 
This Heavy Duty Barrel Bag is a perfect way to dress up your 55 Gallon Barrel so it blends with the natural setting. The Water resistant and has UV inhibitors help protect your barrel from decomposing in varying weather conditions. Available in 3 colors. 
 Regular: $39.95  BUT Now Only: 
$36.95 + Free Shipping!
Premium Food Grade plastic buckets in super heavy duty 90 mil The  Food Grade Poly Plastic offers a substantial savings ans security over thin 70 mil plastic 5 gallon buckets.  Available in a rainbow of Colors!  

Regular: $6.98 - NOW: $4.99

These plastic salvage drums are constructed of 100% UV-protected polyethylene, the plastic salvage drums and overpacks are strong and protect leaking or damaged drums containing hazardous materials from spilling during shipments.  All the salvage drums below have met Group 1 Packaging Standards from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and are available in various sizes from 20 gallon to 110 gallon.
  Regular: $159.95-$499.95  BUT Now Only: $117.95-$372.95
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