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Great Golden Egg Hunt 

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 Best wishes for a wonderful Easter filled with sweet treats and the joy of spring

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Go Green and Save $Green
In This March Issue

Featured Item
Rain Barrel 
Reg List Price: $269.95
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Would you like to learn more about what it means to 'Go Green', but don't want to sit and read tons of literature? 
Try this quick list of 10 Ways to Go Green, which will give you simple examples of how you can go green. 
Going Green is not an all or nothing choice; you can pick and choose specific things to do to help the environment or help conservation in your home. 
You can choose one or choose to do them all.  Here are  a few best practices on  10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green.

Water Bags are another way to collect water.  Portable and Durable to collect water save you money and have versatility.  


Save 7%

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Offer Expires: March 31st

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Go Green 
Save Your $Green
Dear Friend,
Spring is fast approaching and your yard and gardens will need that extra care to get them Green again.  Now that we have braved the cold its time to get ready for the rainy season and take advantage of natures FREE resources by Harvesting your own Water!!

Escape the Droughts this Summer by collecting your own water. This is an easy and efficient way to hydrate your landscaping and gardens or any outside use without the extra city expenses or stipulations on how you use 'your water'.

Do your part in reducing the Carbon Footprint on our world by using natural resources and collecting your own water. 

In our Container Family have several products made with recycled materials such as the

This Rain Saver Barrel is designed to aesthetically enhance outdoor features and set near the wall of your home or business. 

Water collection with this barrel is commonly used to harvest water, which reduces the carbon footprint as well as saves you on your water bill!!! 

This particular Water Barrel is available in 6 various colors to match to any natural shades, such as your gardens, & house brick colors.  
Get it Now only $139.95 with Free Shipping

The durable solid mold design allows rain water collection through a recessed dip and corrosion resistant screen at the top, and has two side holes and a faucet to disburse the water at various levels.  
Our Price: $ 139.95
List Price: $ 199.95
S & H: $ FREE

Garden Water Collection  
Made Easy 
Pre-Assembled Rain Barrels

   Call for Details ~888-460-DRUM~
Green Garden Barrel 
Green Garden
Rain Barrel

Taupe Garden Barrel
Stone Garden
Rain Barrel

  • These Open Head Garden Rain Barrel Drums have a handy spring activated lever lock ring to hold the top lid in place. 

  • The hole in the center allows for water to be collected with your choice of a screen or solid hole opening.
  • Notice the crevice through the top of the lid, which helps water tunnel into the hole. 

  • Near the bottom, the sidewall of the barrel features a 3/4" male bulkhead fitting so you can attach any standard hose to the bottom for easy garden water distribution.

Do you Need a More Durable, Super Heavy Duty Rain Barrel?
Try our Heavy Duty Spruce Creek Rain Barrels, provide you with a  Premium Quality Food Grade Plastic, which has a capacity of 54 gallons.

Heavy Duty Green Spruce Creek Barrel

Features Include:

*Brass threaded spigot and other high-quality components will   withstand harsh weather and wear for years

*Screened automatic overflow and six foot diverted hose (can be extended to almost any length with standard sump pump hose)

*Secure 'closed design' prevents accidental drowning

*Sidewall is 1/4" thick, UV protected, new material polyethylene plastic

*Screened water intake port prevents insect and debris entry

*Colors- Moss Green or Brown

*Two access points allow various outlet points or  simultaneous hose & spigot dispensing.
*Connect two or more barrels together (via overflow hose) with our linking adapter (Cost $15.00 including delivery)
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Go Green and Save your Green!
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