Sunday, July 29, 2018

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55 Gallon Used Barrel 

Painting Barrels has become a popular way for activists and citizens alike to promote proper disposal of garbage on our beaches and parks, which promotes care for the general wild life at the beaches all across America.  

Because Baytec Containers is only a mile from Galveston Bay, we care a lot about keeping the beaches and parks to keep them clean and safe.  Many toxins have polluted these areas simply from trash being left behind.  


Most of the Gulf Coast Beaches House our Used 55 Gallon Open Top Barrels for Trash Drums.  These Blue Barrels have become the popular image around the beaches and are familiar all across the Gulf Coast Region. 
Get your own 55 Gallon Barrel,Today!  
ONLY $44.95  

Recycle & Reuse

Label Each Drum with a different Type of recyclable material.  This makes it easier for the people disposing and collecting the materials so it can be distributed to the proper place to be recycled and reused. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Rain Barrels for the Not So Rainy Days

Rain barrels have gained quite significant popularity among those who care about the environment 
and/or those who simply want to save some money by saving rainwater. For either reason, harvesting 
rain gives you more advantages than losses. Do you have one at home? If you haven't, you might want 
to consider having one now, or two or more.

The advantages

Let's take a look at the advantages of harvesting rainwater from rain barrels. The most obvious one is 
some money is saved every month. City water is used just for oral consumption and other hygienic stuff. 
While other water usages like watering the garden or flushing toilet, we can use the collected rain water. 
This will definitely cut your water bill.

Another advantage is your garden plants will be a lot happier fed with rain water. Why? 
Because rain is natural soft water having hardly any elements in it; no minerals, fluorides or whatever 
chemicals people or earth put in it. The grasses, the trees and the bushes love this! 
You will see more flourishing garden when you have rain barrel than when you don't. 
Not bad for something you get for free, right?

Where can I get rain barrels?

It seems that you are convinced already.

You can get ready made rain barrels or you can make them yourselves. If you don't want to waste your time
 making one, a rain barrel can be purchased for as low as $79.95. That is a rain barrel that uses 55 gallon 
reconditioned drum. There are choices depending on the size, the look, and the materials of the barrels. 
See here to see your options.

If you have the time and are actually intrigued to craft the rain water barrel yourself; 
Here is a great DIY video I found on YouTube. 

The guy uses multiple barrels to save even more water for the not so rainy days; but of course you can always choose to have only one. 
It's pretty easy.

Friday, July 20, 2018

BayTec Containers Has Finished Its Web Site Redesign and Everything Looks Great.

We now have new Product Sections. With reviews, Q&A, Videos, PDFs and Additional Images.

We look Forward to any new comment you may have to help fine-tune our Web.

Also Look For New Coupon Codes This Month.


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