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The Hurricane Season Is Upon Us, Build a Preparation Plan Now.

The Hurricane Season Is Upon Us, Build a Preparation Plan Now.

Your hurricane preparedness list should include:
  • Food/Water
  • Bottled water (1 gallon per person per day) for 14 days*
  • Manual can opener*
  • Non-perishable foods*:
  • Canned meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables
  • Bread in moisture-proof packaging
  • Cookies, candy, dried fruit
  • Canned soups & milk
  • Powdered or single serve drinks
  • Cereal bars
  • Package condiments
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Instant coffee and tea

You should also have an Evacuation Plan. Here is a very useful guide.

High Winds During HurricaneWind can come in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, microbursts or downdrafts. There are high winds and gusts in some instances that last just a few minutes, and there are sustaining winds that may last for days. While wind can be a powerful asset, it can also pose a significant danger at times. On an individual basis, it can be valuable to understand the impact of high winds and how we can best protect our homes and personal property from wind damage. There are many ways to reinforce a home against wind damage — some are simple enough to DIY while others may require professional assistance.
In this guide, we hope to help increase understanding of how wind can put stress on a home. It is our goal to help improve the appreciation of this powerful force and provide advice in best protecting a property on almost every level to help minimize damage from large storms.

The Complete Guide to Last-Minute Evacuations

Disaster Assistance

How Can We Use Your Baytec Products in our House? 

Many people are interested in Prepping for any type of disaster that inevitably will occur; the American Red Cross suggests storing fresh water, food supplies and other emergency essentials needed to get through the disastrous time period. Most of these type of natural occurrences such as the flooding we experienced here in our building with Hurricane Harvey, only last mere days, but sometimes have lasting effects.  Many of us were trapped in our homes during this time, so having a new water barrel with purified water ready to use is the number one thing to have on hand in the event of an occurrence.  We have these barrels and a water treatment called Purogene, which is used to stabilize the water, to take out the oxygen so it does not grow bacteria.  This will remain fresh in the barrel as long as it stays water tight.  Along with this we also have a variety of pumps of which to pump out the fresh water and jugs or buckets to transport water for personal use.  FEMA recommends storing at least 2 quarts per person per day as a guide line, for a family of 4 this is 2 gallons a day on just a normal basis, without the daily use of toilets or washing dishes, so you can see it adds up fast.  Water is the number one essential need across the world so providing the container along with a stabilizer and pump to extract the water gives a good basis for emergency preparation.   During the winter months some residents may use the Heat Blankets to keep the water from freezing in the barrels. 

Spring time of course prompts the Tight Head Rain Barrels for small water collection or for heavier water collectors, they many choose to get our Rain Harvesting Tanks, which offer a variety of colors to match their houses.  Other applications for water we have seen would include some using the IBC Totes for Pressure washing, or used at Deer Leases during the Fall months for water storage or shower sources.  One very popular item among the Baby Boomer generation these days is the Water Bags, which are used for RV Water storage, who also use thePurogene for their reservoir tanks. 

Another series of items would be for food storage; many use the 5 or 6 Gallon Buckets with the Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers to store dried beans, rice and the like.  We carry the mylar bags in many different sizes such as the quart, gallon and 5 gallon on up to 55 gallon.  Along with this we also sell the heat sealers to close the bags and the oxygen absorbers to take the oxygen out to preserve and stabilize the food.  Other accessories for these include bag clips, flat, spout or Gamma Seal Spin Top Lids for Buckets.  We also sell the containers that are sets with spin top or square with hinged lids for easy access. 

We also have several products used for Gardening applications such as the Open Head Barrels or the Variety of Brute Containers and Bucketsused to collect natural products to build Composting for gardening and making their own compost fertilizer.  We also have many differentShovels and Scoops to help with the compost  transfer process or packing it down. 

  We have many other items that can be used around the house for general use, feel free to ask us any questions to our email; call us at 800-560-2334 or visiti us at our retail location: 4761 Hwy 146, Bacliff, Texas, 77518, where there are many other items we can suggest to our customers, such as our Propane and Propane Accessories or Firewood products.  

At our Propane Refill Bottle Station we Fill’em while you wait.  You can see these products on, where it will give you a small idea of the prices at our retail store as well as the location and hours.  Also here we sell Local Honey among other things. 

Written By: 
Pamala A. Hook

Tips for a Hurricane

Some helpful tips to prep for the potential storm in our area.  
Here are a few Important Websites and Links to help you Get In the Know

Texas D.O.T.- Department of Transportation

ABC Local News 

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

American Red Cross Links:

N.O.A.A.: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

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