Thursday, May 19, 2022

How I use Water Barrels


When I was growing up, we had a lot of water storage solutions. We stored rainwater in underground tanks and also used big plastic water barrels to store drinking water. Anything that could hold water was used to store as much water as possible. 

This is no longer the case today. Nowadays, houses tend to not have enough space for big underground tanks or big plastic water barrels - especially in urban areas where space is limited. This has forced many people to think of other alternatives for storing drinking water at home. If you are also looking for an alternative solution to traditional storage solutions, this article will give you some great ideas on how you can use plastic water barrels as a safe and effective way of storing drinking water at home.


Plastic Water Barrels

That’s right, you can store drinking water in plastic barrels, and they work really well. Many people don’t know this, but plastic barrels were the original water storage solutions before the advent of underground tanks and water towers. The only difference between water storage solutions in the past and those of today is that the barrels of the present day are made from different type of plastic. 

The plastic barrels of the past had to be made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) because it was the only material that was strong enough, safe, and affordable enough to do the job. Today, HDPE barrels have been replaced by other types of plastic materials. This is because some strong additives have been removed and replaced with safe additives. Most of these new additives are BPA-free, and that means that the water in the barrels won’t be contaminated and will be safe to drink.


Rotational Molded Water Storage

Rotational Molded Plastic Water Tanks are the most common modern-day water storage solutions. This type of water storage container is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which means that they are safe to store drinking water in. Rotational Molded Water Storage Tanks are more expensive than Barrels, but they are stronger and more durable. 

They are also easier to transport because they can be moved in one piece. There are two types of Rotational Molded Water Storage Tanks - Vertical Tanks and Horizontal Tanks. Vertical Water Tanks are the most common types. Horizontal Water Tanks are less common, but they are safer for areas that have Earthquakes or other natural disasters.


Food Grade HDPE Water Barrels

This type of water barrel is made from the same plastic as Rotational Molded Water Storage Tanks. The only difference is that the barrels are not rotated or molded. This means that they are quite a bit cheaper than rotational molded water tanks.

However, they are not as strong or durable as the vertical tanks. That doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for storing water, but they are not as safe. If you live in an area with a high risk of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other natural disasters, you should definitely go with water tanks. Water barrels are not as safe in these situations.


Rotating Cantilever Barrels

The Rotating Cantilever Barrel is basically a barrel that is shaped in a very interesting way. The barrel has a top and a bottom, and the top is a lid that can rotate. The rotating lid lets you remove the water without having to completely open the barrel. The rotating cantilever barrel is not recommended for storing water. It is more of a decorative item, and it is not as durable as the other water storage solutions. 

Moreover, it is not as safe to store drinking water in, either. The rotating cantilever barrel is not made from food-grade HDPE or other safe plastic. You should not store drinking water in these barrels because the water will not be safe and could be contaminated.


Stainless Steel Water Barrels

Stainless steel is a great material for water bottles and even water towers. However, it is not the best material for water barrels. Can you store water in stainless steel barrels? Yes, but you shouldn’t. Stainless steel barrels are not safe to store drinking water in. They are not made from safe plastic, and they don’t have the right additives to ensure that the water remains contamination-free.

 Stainless steel barrels are expensive and can be used to store other liquids, though. They are a great alternative for storing oil, gasoline, or other flammable liquids in your garage or in the backyard garden.


Summing up

There are many different types of plastic water barrels available on the market today. When compared to the traditional underground water storage tanks and water towers, they are a much better and more affordable solution. Plastic water barrels are easier to move around, easier to store and they don’t require a lot of space. 

They are a great solution for storing drinking water at home when you are living in an urban area where you don’t have enough space for other water storage solutions. There are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing the right plastic water barrel for storing drinking water at home. The first thing to look for is the plastic material of the barrel.

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