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How To Make A Raised Planter Stand

Time To Start Planting and Preparing, here are some interesting ideas to get your garden going.  With this day and age we don't know what lies ahead so better to be safe and prepared just in case.  Below we have collected a few smart ideas on how to build a garden planter to help you navigate growing your own fruits and vegetables. 

It seems like it would be easy just dig up the yard and throw down some seeds; but truth is, most soils in the ground are not good for sufficient growth for human consumption.  Some areas are really good for growth, but it is hard on the body being in the ground bending and such.  With just a few pieces of wood and our 55 Gallon Blue Barrels, we will pass on this information we found from a really neat website:

The Owner Builder Network on 

 How To Make A Raised Planter Stand 

They state that you will need these Basic Supplies 

(3) 55 Gallon Plastic Barrels

2×4 Pressure Treated Lumber

And these tools:

  • Hand Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Clamps
  • Straight Edge (square)
  • Wood Glue
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Screws
  • Power Drill/Driver

Finished Product Goal


Build The Assemblies

You’ll need four assemblies for three drums. Begin by building the four support assemblies that will connect the 2×4 stringers. For simplicity, make them identical and symmetrical.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed
Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

The legs are made from 4×6 pressure treated (PT) lumber, with the height of 26-1/4″. The cross members connecting each leg are made from 2×4 PT and are joined together using dadoes cut.

Attach Spacers

Using screws attach 2×4’s with the length of 2′ to the inner side of the 2×4’s connecting the legs of assemblies. These will serve as spacers giving the drums a snug fit and preventing them from rolling.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed Connect The Assemblies

After building the assemblies we are now to connect them together. Stake one of the four assemblies to the ground to prevent it from moving. Then measure the exact location where the next assembly should be attached. Stake the second assembly in the location determined earlier. You can then lay a 2×4 on top of the legs and fasten them using screw. After that side is done proceed to the other side. Attach a 2×4 on the assemblies’ cross member and screw into place.

Notice in this photo there is also a barrel in the background, which is a compost barrel. They have built a tumbler for that and there are building instructions for this as well on their website.  

There are many uses for these barrels; we here at Baytec Containers ave all kind of containers and pumps for both water storage and dry food storage would be the 55 Gallon Open Top Barrels if used for long term food storage.
We recommend our extra large 55 gallon Mylar Bag to store food in the open top barrels. 

We also have the mylar in both heat seal and zip lock in other sizes such as 5 gallon, 1 gallon and Quart Sizes as well. 

For this diagram this builder has decided to use the 55 Gallon Tight Head Barrels these are otherwise known as Closed Head or Solid Mold  Barrels; which are those with only the two opening caps.  

Another variation of the stand is here as a square.  You can do any size you need large, long or short.  Looks like most of the diagrams show the bung cap facing out, this may be so liquid can be drained off the soil if needed. 

For the exact instructions as these are altered for our blog.  Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial please see the exact website:

The Owner Builder Network on  

Please feel free to view our products which will help you along with this project as well as others such as Long Term Water Storage if paired with the Purogene Stabilizer.  Always make sure you treat your water if you are storing it for a long time, it will grow algae if untreated.  You can get this combo pack with everything you need for long term water storage. Click through to get this handy Combo Water Storage Pack at 


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